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1959 Fender Precision Refin


 Product Description

Do you have 10 minutes, please let me tell you a story……

The gouges, scuffs, rash – that my friends is real player wear, not fake, not imagined, not created on a work bench. I know the 50+ year history of this bass as I bought it from a prominent friend who bought it from a prominent friend. This bass was used 5 to 7 nights a week for decades. Those wear marks are another mans soul imbedded in a guitar. This is a bass you either get it or you don’t – if you don’t it, I will not and cannot explain it to you.

We bought the bass it was a worn out disaster. The frets were totally shot, worn to nothing and that was with FLATWOUNDS! The board is very nice however. The nut was half gone, one of the bobbins was shot. Please see the photos of before the restoration. I called my friend John Scott at Bluesman Vintage, we shared some photos and he said, ‘Keebs, you are gonna have me restore this – right?’. The restoration effort was spectacular.

So about the restoration - The bobbin was expertly rewound. The bass was expertly refretted with a mid 60s style fret. A new nut was cut. The finish – The refin is so good, so honest, it has passed for real – it’s unbelievable. The finish was applied to look as if the bass was not refined – there was no exaggeration to the wear into the wood. It took over 6 months to get exact.

So what are the parts?

  • The neck has that super early 59 rosewood slab board profile which is a slim taper P. Greasy Brazilian board, clay dot, as stated refretted and a new nut. The early RW Pbass necks were undated and the heal looks to be undated original. There is a repaired e-tuner screw split that was repaired before most of you were born. The logo – we just don’t know. Its partially flaked and worn. Honestly, no relicing occurred here, we just do not know if its an ancient relogo or whats left of an original. Other to point out for full transparency – There are extra holes in the back heal of the neck – NO this was not mounted on a different body – Us old timers, before there were commercially available jigs or many variants of secret sauce, luthiers mounted necks onto a body jig to refret and it was a 1-size fits all pattern. The shop I worked at in the 70s did this, other shops I know did this and the prior owners luthier did this. If anyone tells you any different they are either a. under 50, b. clueless and uninformed or c. very very special. See the photos.
  • The body – the pictures tell the story. The additional story is when the pickup died back in the early 80s, the prior owner was on the road and bought a Schecter brass guard assembly with hot heavy pickups to drop in. The pickup ears were bigger than Fenders so the cavity was widened to accommodate the ears, not the bobbins. See the photos.
  • The parts – Original tuners, bridge, knobs, green edged tort guard, one orig bobbin, one matched and rewound but original to this bass. 1966 pots that we installed as the 70s units in the case were shot. The neck plate was covered in 10 coats of thickly applied clear minwax. We soaked the plate and buffed it out as it was throwing lacquer splinters. It’s a 40xxx sn. Most if not all the screws and the string tree are also true to the bass.

Lets cut to the chase – The bass plays SILLY. She sounds INSANE. She has a long history. Yes shes mostly there sans the pots and like all war dogs, there were repairs. We know EXACTLY what we have and with a clean 59 rosewood bass at 12k plus, we know the value. Like I said, shes not for everyone but folks who know me, most of my personal basses well, kinda look like this. My 58 2-tone P, My old 60 that my friend Tino owns and my old 63 that my friend Henry owns look like this. You either get it or you don’t. This is a great bass. It will come with some sort of a quality, but non-original case.

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Sunburst Refin

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