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1990 ca. Trace Elliot Bass Stack


 Product Description

I have a deep dark desire to put on some spandex and blast out the neighbors.  The amp is perfectly functional, looks great and just shows some age related patina and minor wear.  This is pick up only at our Central Connecticut showroom – don’t even ask us to ship this one.  We have this priced like a good salami at 11.79 a pound but we’re really reasonable so make us a head cheese offer.  We plugged in one of our Blitz basses and it really sounded great and very period. So goooood infact, Im going to reunite The Chow Meiniacs (the had the smash hit Lets go to Wo Hop, oh baby..).

So how did we get this….  I’m figuring my ‘bs story’ is more fun than the truth soooo, with all the fugazi stories out there that people believe their own bs, I’m gonna believe mine….

         This amp was made in the height of the crack epidemic (Just say no, ok!) In the present world when people are asking us to buy their 2014 Stingray for 1900.00 because the magic pickguard screw fell out of the beanstalk packet or asking us to buy their 79 PBass for 3000.00 because the famous rock star Duncan Dixon-Coffey looked at, we needed to be reasonable… Soooooo here it is! – I SWEAR some prices this day, I think they drank the residue.

SOOOOOO -   Nosmo King, the bassist from Nookie and the Schnooks owned it (Yes, he’s the step son of Joe King from Benny and the Jets) well, Mo Lestin Jr. the triangle player from Benny at the Jets looked at this amp once and said the guys in poison used it (Not the band Poison but the guys IN poison trying to rid themselves of Covid used this).  I’ll tell ya, I’m really temped to call my really good friend Matt Nelson (yes Matt and Gunnar are both friends of ours) and ask them to play After the Rain thru this- Matt what do you say buddy??  This amp grows hair and makes the hot chick with big Jersey bouffant swoon AND it comes with a NOS can of Aquanet.  So Timmy, ask Muffy for your allowance and buy this rig.     4x10s, a 1x15, the AH600 monster head sound great and will make you the jacked up Monte Carlo SS guy you always wanted to be (or was that an IROC?)


So…..  What are you waiting for?  This is a great amp (for real) and if you put this and the 2 4x12 Boogie cabs in your Honda Odyssey you will pop a wheelie the entire way home.  Be THAT guy!  F-Class D amps!!!! You know you want it!


And honestly, we got this in on trade from a really cool guy in NJ who did use this beast!

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