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Our Purchasing of Your Instrument - When we purchase a piece from you, the routine is seamless and extremely easy. If possible we would like a set of pictures emailed and a complete verbal description. We will negotiate a price. After the item is received by us and verified we will send you a check immediately. If the item is not as described, it will be returned within 2 business days. Return shipping in this instance is responsibility of the seller.  If you wish to offer us a different deal, that is fine. We typically try not to counter offer after the fact even though there are many dealers that do. We feel that it could make us appear under handed and that will never be our intent. For the first transaction we will need a piece of identification sent along with the instrument to keep on file as we need to account for the sources of our entire inventory.

Layaways – 20% holds an item for 30 days, 30% holds an item for 45 days. Payment in full is due on day 45. We may work with the terms on a case by case basis if asked BEFORE a deal is struck. Layaways have no approval period upon receipt. Layaway deals are final and if cancelled ONLY a shop credit with a 1 year expiration is issued.

Returns – Sorry to sound rigid but I’ve sent out way too many instruments for a free “weekend rental”. All instruments offer a 24 hour approval. We may extend this if you ask. Instruments if returned will be charged up to an 8% restocking fee. Please ask if there are any questions. Shipping costs in both directions are the responsibility of the purchaser. Occasionally setups get knocked out in transit and can be easily rectified. If there is an issue, call us. This happens typically in the cold and hot weather. A return is a transaction that has been paid for whether it was shipped or not. If we have your credit card approval and you have buyer’s remorse, that is a deal and the restocking fees apply. This cost me hundreds of dollars a year.

Consignments – Our consignment policy is very easy, you tell us what you need to get and we get it. We cap our markup at 20% of gross sale price and expect to net 15%. If we get more, you get more, it’s that simple.  Only instruments that meet our inventory and pricing parameters and quality standards will be accepted. Instruments must be kept in inventory for a minimum 30 days and must be on-hand. Incase of a “pulled” consignment, shipping is the responsibility of the consignor. We pay our consignors within 72 hours of approval by the end user.  

Trades – We’re easy, call to discuss!

Payments – We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Wire Transfer and Bank/Certified checks. We hold the right to ship when payment clears.

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