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USA Sales
Shipping in the US will only be sent via UPS.  It may be a few dollars more, but we find that the quality of service, speed and “trackability” are much better.  If you must have USPS, we will have no responsibility incase of a claim.

International sales
We strongly encourage all international sales to be sent via UPS.  We will only ship USPS on the buyer’s request only if paid by wire transfer or certified check.  However, because of USPS’ varying size/value restrictions and inability to track your package in foreign countries, we hold no liability on your instrument after drop-off at our post office. Bottom line, if shipped USPS and the item is busted, lost, stolen etc, it’s your circumstance to attend to.

Under no circumstances will we alter sales receipts for amount paid.  This is called tax evasion, and in most countries it is a felony.  Midnight express was not my favorite movie.

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