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Vintage Certification

Vintage Certification

The below certifications pertain to the vintage instruments components. Every instrument must play and perform to our exact standards unless otherwise noted. A noted item could be i.e., we have a 1958 Precision Bass that is 100% original but has low frets and maybe in need of a refret. We will tell of the needed refret and let the end user decide. The certification is not for cosmetic ratings. The photos will tell that story.

  • KeBo Vintage Platinum Certified - This instrument is 100% no excuses original right down to the covers and case.
  • KeBo Vintage Gold Certified – This instrument maybe missing the covers or has a wrong case. The instrument may have had extremely minor work such as a repaired solder joint.
  • KeBo Vintage Silver Certified – This instrument has had minor work for wear items such as a pick up was rewound, a pot as replaced or a perfect undetectable refret was performed.

Any instrument with any paint work, wood work or changed components will not carry a certification.  These are still high quality instruments but do not meet our pedigree standards. Remember, if we would not play it, we will not sell it!

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